Attention is the most precious thing

Whitespace is a new online portfolio service with a focus on authentic and refined presentations. With Whitespace professional photographers and image makers can build their own website. Especially in this time when the internet is a place of distraction, seduction and overwhelm, we create a space where viewers are invited to watch photography with ease and attention.

Specific Designs

Every series of photos has its own optimal way in which the story can be told. Play with poetic, playful, rigid, structured or more classic designs. Multiple designs can be used within the website to achieve a balanced presentation of your work.

Subtle navigation and refined transitions

Whitespace gives your photos as much space as possible, we do this by giving the navigation a subtle place within your website and working with refined image transitions that provide calm and focus.

Creative Process

The Whitespace tool has a minimal and intuitive interface making it a pleasure to use. It has specifically been designed for the needs of photographers. Use Whitespace to play with different selections and sequences. Easily replace images for new edits. Use the hide option to (temporarily) exclude photos from your series.

Current state

Whitespace is still in progress. We are really happy with our content management system. It has been tested extensively and is working really smoothly. We are now working on incorporating more design options and building a solid feature set, like the possibility of adding CV’s and texts. We're excited about exploring the possibilities to combine pictures and adding text slides to series.

Hello World

We didn't build this software only for ourselves, so an important step now is to introduce the world to Whitespace and to inform and enthuse you. We'd love to know what you think!

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Whitespace has been founded by the Dutch couple Rudin Swagerman and Monique Scuric.
Contact us at [email protected].